Day 23 – Fire Escape

As much as I want to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and up close, I freeze up when I think about running into people. Now that they finally recommend face masks (fabric ones), it adds another pause (until I DIY some masks!). Until then, I'm taking night walks or "NWs" as A calls … Continue reading Day 23 – Fire Escape

Lost Keys and ‘Punishment’

I was snuggled in my favorite corner seat on the B train, enjoying a quiet night on my way home. My stop coming up ahead, I reached for my trusty little purse and rooted for my keys, fruitlessly. A little more frantically, I reached into my jacket pockets, pants, and turned my purse upside down for a thorough check. Still, nothing.

Guest Post: Hijab Solidarity + A lesson on Privilege

Today I put on my hijab in solidarity with Muslim women afraid to step outside, along with all other minorities being verbally or physically attacked. I honestly thought that the most impactful part of my day would be going to and from work, and any shopping I do after. I didn't think it would matter to people who already knew my background.