#52essays2017: Week 1

Week 1- Am I really doing this? "ENFP (extroverted, intuitive, feeler, perceiver) personalities tend to get excited by big ideas but have a hard time finishing through." I still remember the first time I heard that statement and how defensive my reaction was. I can start and I can finish! Just watch! ... Often times, I … Continue reading #52essays2017: Week 1

Who is the world made for?

When you're white, the world is made for you. Is it just me? I glance and try not to stare, wondering what it's like not be an Other. I look away bitterly   whist fully yet I know I want to be myself. Do I? Want that? To be Me? For when you're white, the world is … Continue reading Who is the world made for?

“You’re free now.”

"You're free now." "You're liberated!" Statements like this make me cringe, however well intentioned. This is because of the misconception that most woman who wear hijab are oppressed and don't experience freedom. It's also because I feel torn--- I want to explain my decision without putting down my religion or the many beautiful people in my life who choose to wear hijab, while also being true to what pushed me away. I believe it's possible to begin that conversation.


UPDATES COMING SOON! FINDING A THERAPIST: Psychologist Today AAMFT Therapist Finder   ARTICLES: What To Do When Your Family Is Holding You Back- Elizabeth Gilbert In some families, nobody's happy unless everyone stays in their place. Forever. Elizabeth Gilbert explains why they feel threatened, and how to break free.