Day 25 – “Highs & Lows”

Today I'm going to talk more about the highs and lows I find myself swinging through on a daily (if not hourly basis).  I found this post on instagram by now.or.noodles that captured it so accurately...

Day 24 – Face Masks

Today my goal was to take it easy and to tackle making homemade fabric masks, rather than sit and worry about not having them (which, if you are--- totally normal). I personally find that being weighed down by this collective trauma (or any previous anxiety and depression) means that something that normally "seems small" can be much much harder to do.


Lost Keys and ‘Punishment’

I was snuggled in my favorite corner seat on the B train, enjoying a quiet night on my way home. My stop coming up ahead, I reached for my trusty little purse and rooted for my keys, fruitlessly. A little more frantically, I reached into my jacket pockets, pants, and turned my purse upside down for a thorough check. Still, nothing.