In 2016, I created this blog with a mission: I’m on a hunt for my truth.

Ironically, when I came across it, I felt I had to hide it from those around me. Growing up female, Muslim, first-generation, and Palestinian, my life was seemingly carved out for me. I walked within these shoes for about 25 years before realizing that while I can’t change where I came from, nor would I ever want to, I could choose to be my own person.

I largely kept this to myself and off of social media, for a few years.

What would my family think? My community? My friends? They know me as one way, and now I was “shattering” the image. It was a surprise to me, let alone having to explain to others what I had trouble putting into words. I let that fear guide me. I would scour the internet, talk to non-Muslim friends, but it took courage before I could talk to Muslims about it. I unfortunately imposed their invisible judgment on myself, not giving many a chance to prove otherwise.

As time passed, I learned to rely on myself more, but still longed to belong and connect. It was not easy, but as I slowly shared the “real me” with my family, friends, and community, I found that most others were eager to share their own hidden truths, or support.Still, it wasn’t easy, and I still am living a messy truth.

Therefore, I have three goals:

  1. To share my story  and normalize experiences of spiritual questioning and growth.
  2. To offer a resource and human connection for those who are not yet ready to share their story publicly, but are seeking a listening ear.
  3. To share your stories: If you ARE ready to share, whether publicly or anonymously, please research out with your story, or a request to be informally interviewed. I can also lend editing skills.

My journey may be completely unlike yours, but I strive to provide a safe space and community. I’m not here to bash Islam or woman, but to offer a critical perspective based on my own experiences and share other parts of my life that round me out as a person.

I look forward to connecting!